Lea McBride - Director

Lea McBride has been professionally involved in event management for over 20 years. She runs an event business Any Excuse...event styling and planning. Any Excuse… is a great believer in recycling, choosing cruelty free products and specialising in vegan catering and using  ‘vintage’ items to give then a new lease on life in the modern world, evoking memories of yesterday while caring for our environment today. Lea also is a part of the marketing & events team at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Adelaide.

As the current Director & Festival Coordinator for the Vegan Festival Adelaide, she has the experience of the role Event Coordinator for the Vegan Festival Adelaide in 2015 and 2016 as a Committee Member,  Lea has brought along her extensive experience in a variety of community sector, corporate, university, hospitality and not for profit roles to work with us on something she feels passionately about. Lea hopes to build a more inclusive festival, encouraging Vegans and the 'V Curious' in our community to come together and learn about a compassionate lifestyle.

Some may say she goes out too much but Lea likes to call it 'research' as she searches for the perfect venue and latest vegan friendly place in town. She loves walking along the beach each day with furry golden companions, discussing life with her gorgeous quick witted son and all things pretty....

Tricia McBride - Director

Vincent Baldaccino - Director

PAST : Grace Love - Founder & Previous Director

Grace Love has led the effort to educate on compassion and healthy lifestyle. Since her arrival in Australia in 2006, Grace has been running community events, offering volunteers hands-on experience, provided employment to over 100 people through her businesses, financially supporting those in need and creating a discussion on humanity and our purpose in life.

The current board thank Grace for her vision in creating the Give Foundation and wish her all the best in her future endeavours.