We raise funds for charities through inspiring events.


Give Foundation can give you the confidence that your donations make a real difference to small-scale, life-changing charities with a local focus on veganism and environmental protection. We offer a single entry point for you to donate to a variety of charities in Australia and give you the opportunity to learn about inspiring but generally unknown practical initiatives that can restore your faith in humanity and open positive pathways for the future of our planet.

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Find out about our organisation, mission, our values and the projects we have been working on.

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Ready to take the next step? You can become a contributor to our causes, or participate yourself.

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Find out about our annual community event that has been taking place since 2007 in November around the date of World Vegan Day. Vegan Festival connects like-minded people, brings expansive minds of keynote speakers, supports local both undiscovered and well-known artists, provides a lot of workshops and children's entertainment as well as spreads the message of compassion and healthy lifestyle.
Proceeds go towards various charities.

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Give Foundation presents this Exclusive Event in Australia