Excerpt from the Give Foundation Constitution

(b)           The principal charitable Company’s objects are to raise funds for charities and prevent suffering of animals.
Supported charities include but are not limited to:
- organisations that prevent suffering of animals (animal causes)
- charities and individuals suffering from natural disasters
- organisations that directly enhance the natural environment
- organisations that conduct research of the vegan issues
- individuals in need.

(c)           The principal activity of the Company is the holding and organising fundraising events and vegan related projects for the above mentioned objectives.

(d)          Without limiting the generality of clause 3.1(b) and 3.1(c), in pursuing the principal object and achieving the principal activity for which the Company is established, the Company will seek to:

(i) raise public awareness of vegan ethics and practice by engaging with media to provide an informed voice on issues relevant to veganism;

(ii) prevent animal suffering directly where possible and indirectly by supporting the following organisations that foster animals (but not limited to) animal shelters, animal sanctuaries, endangered species organisations as well as raising awareness of scientific research studying animal behaviour/emotions and providing where possible hands-on experiences to community to show respect to animal needs;

(iii) provide vegan education to the public through vegan and vegan related events;

(iv) conduct research in the area of veganism and events management and help educate general public;

(v) provide a platform for global conversation and resources for potential sponsors, donors, guest speakers, patrons and community through the website and events;

(vi) promote volunteering services by engaging community in the operating of events and projects;

(vii) promote the preservation, education and care for the natural environment by including but not limiting to zero waste practices in the event management as well as financially supporting organisations established with a purpose of enhancing the natural environment;

(viii) promote mutual respect, harmony and human rights and elimination of discrimination resulting from different belief systems as well as raise awareness of these issues, and;

(ix) do all things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of any or all of the objects stated in clause 3.1.